You use a Squeeze Page (or 'Landing Page' -- they

by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-25
All traffic that you buy, generate from your websites, or get from Forum postings, is sent to your site's Squeeze Page. And your Squeeze Page should always contain an offer and an an opt-in form.Each Squeeze Page you create should include a 'one time free offer,' which will compel anyone who lands on your squeeze page to take action -- to fill out the form and give you their name and email address. Once they sign up for your free offer, the Squeeze Page system you create should then re-route them to a thank you page, which contains your thanks ... and a 'paid for' offer of a product or service for sale. That product or service can be one that you own, or you can endorse a product as an affiliate.You can tell your subscribers how someone has just created a brilliant product - and you can offer it to your subscribers through an affiliate link. You get paid a commission on evry sale that is made to people who buy through your link. Some people who read your offer will buy. Most won't. But the money you get from the few sales which you make allows you to buy more traffic. Closely tied to your squeeze page is an auto responder. Your auto responder sends anyone who fills in the form on your squeeze page a series of emails. Those emails sell for you.In addition to an auto responder, you will need to have an actual offer that people want to buy. You can develop a product, such as an E-Book or a piece of software -- or you can buy the resale rights to a product that someone else has created. Where do most people fail when they create a Squeeze Page? They only create ONE Squeeze Page.You should create SEVERAL squeeze pages -- each tuned to fit a specific audience. For instance, if you are using email marketing to sell toys, and you only create one Squeeze Page and send all traffic to it you are making a is a big mistake.Suppose you are marketing Legos and toy blocks, and you buy traffic under the loose heading of 'toys,' a visitor who is looking specifically for information about either toy cars or toy blocks will click off your page if they don't see the direct connection to the exact topic for which they were searching. Instead, you will want to set up one page centered around toy cars and another page centered around toy blocks. On each page, you will want to communicate the specific benefits to joining the list for each of those groups of visitors.And once you have captured these names, you segment your list, so you can send information specifically about toy cars to those who request it -- and information about toy blocks to those who request it.Your auto responder can have two separate series of emails which are sent out automatically. One series of emails goes to the people who have filled in the form on your squeeze page for toy cars, and a different series of emails is sent automatically to those who have joined your toy blocks list.
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