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What's the principle of a snake that can't be caught?

What's the principle of a snake that can't be caught?


The evergreen decompression toy "Water Snake" has two layers of rubber. The first layer and the second layer are filled with some water. The second layer of rubber begins to squirm inside like caterpillars, but when it sees the downhill, it slides down like a ball.

It is made by using "the volume of water remains unchanged in soft space" and "the principle of compression".

Players only need to pinch any end of the rubber tube to make the liquid squeezed and flow in the other direction, while the outer wall of the pinched end retracts to the center to form the inner wall, while the inner wall of the other end turns outward and turns into the outer wall. This reciprocating makes the inner and outer walls of the rubber tube interact, and can be exchanged and moved as if winding. Water snake.

In fact, when grasping, don't work too hard, so that the water can't feel the pressure, and naturally can't move; there is also a gentle grasp of the middle part of the water snake, maintain the balance of the liquid inside, the water snake will naturally not run.

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