What makes Singamajigs such a hot toy for the

by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-15
Singamajigs are small stuffed animals that were introduced at the 2010 Toy Fair in New York. Their main draw is their incredible singing ability, as they can sing adorable little songs on their own, or sing notes one at a time and even harmonize with each other, a fun and hilarious little feature that can send anybody into a fit of giggles. They perform their singing feat when their bellies are squeezed, making the whole sweet little performance extra fun. They wear bright primary colors and wear cute little retro seventies style tee shirts. Their lips and teeth are shaped so adorably that when they open to talk or sing a note you can't help but fall in love with them. Play with one of these little stuffed singing toys for just a little while and you will see why they are set to become one of the hottest toys to buy this holiday season. Modes can be changed by squeezing the left paw, causing the Singamajigs to do different things when their bellies are squeezed. They can chatter, sing songs, and sing notes. Each color Singamajig has a different song that it sings in an adorable way, such as 'Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone', 'When the Saints Go Marching In', or 'For He's A Jolly Good Fellow'. When several Singamajigs are brought together, simply squeeze their paw again to change their mode, then squeeze their bellies and listen to them harmonize beautifully together like a choir. They are quite addictive little things that can be very hard to put down. Their vocal ranges and choice of bright and attractive colors make them fun choices for children to play with, as well as excellent choices for adults to collect. With so much appeal and pure fun from such a simple concept, these toys are sure to take off this holiday season and become an incredibly hot commodity on the toy market. Because of the clever way that these adorable little toys have been created and marketed, they are a sure hit among both children and adults alike, providing tons of fun in testing out what kinds of things each one says and the songs that they sing, as well as getting them to harmonize. They're cute and incredibly fun, and simply a joy to play with. Who could resist such an appealing little musical toy? And who would want to? You've got to hand it to the Singamajigs for being such an adorable and irresistible little toy that everybody wants to have. For more information about Singamajigs and how you can get your hands on one of these little guys, see our Authors box below.
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