What are Fijit Friends?

by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-21
Yes, their names does sound odd but once you see how cute and cuddly these critters are, the oddness of their names won't matter anymore. No, they're not friends from Fiji. Just think of them as colorful fun friends that you never had...until now. How the Fijit Friends came to life? Legend has it that the adorable creatures were a result of an experimental goo's reaction to really cool music which gave it life. To make the story short out from the goo came four Fijits: Willa, Sage, Serafina, and Logan. Even though they came from the same goo each came to life with different personalities. By the way, they're all girls. Meet the Fijit Friends! 1. Willa, the trend setter - Willa is the leader of the four. She likes designing clothes, appreciates art, loves to watch comedy shows, dances to the music, and is a fan of spicy food. She is always up-to-date with the latest trends, slang, and phrases. 2. Sage, the adventurer - Sage is the one to go to if you want to feel the great outdoors. She collects sea shells as a hobby, likes to talk about science stuff, loves to watch adventure movies, listens to country pop, and has a special craving for trail mix. 3. Serafina, the sweetie-pie - Serafina is so kind and generous, she will always lend an ear to anyone. She loves singing, shows great interest in history, appreciates romantic comedies, a pop-aficionado, and is fond of pizza. 4. Logan, the sporty one - Logan is as sporty as she is a techie. She has a special thing for sports stuff. She plays soccer, a Physical Education guru, loves to watch action movies, sings along to rock music, and likes to eat hamburgers. What can they do? These technological wonders are designed to do a lot of things that will keep any little girl entertained for hours. Each one has its own personality, making each Fijit unique. These extremely interactive toys are made of special materials and electronic devices which allow it to dance, chat, tell jokes, and even sing. Its touch sensors will respond when you try to poke or squeeze its belly, causing it to wiggle, giggle, or bounce around. Using built-in beat detection, each Fijit can determine the correct beat and dance according to it. Slow songs will make her dance slow. On the other hand, dance music will make her do a lively performance, and does a cute bow in the end. Voice recognition capability allows each Fijit Friend to respond to 30 different voice commands using 150 built-in responses. Also, it allows them to tell jokes. These dolls observed to be fond of knock-knock jokes. Being an interactive toy, Fijit Friends are also capable of detecting and responding to other media platforms such as mobile applications and television commercials, to name a few. Sing like a Fijit, and more... Fijit Friends can sing in different styles. Each Fijit has four unique built-in songs. For example Willa can do rap songs, Sage sings country pop, Serafina likes pop songs, and Logan is pretty much into rock. When its time to say goodnight, each Fijit yawns and begins to fall asleep. It even has a belly light which stays on for ten minutes, just like a night light. (Sigh). Such a lovely bunch of friends indeed!
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