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Ungraspable Water Snake-Decompression Artifact

Ungraspable Water Snake-Decompression Artifact


Evergreen decompression toy "Ungraspable Water Snake" environmental TPR material, soft feel, smooth Q-bomb, fresh and fashionable, strong and durable, interior decoration of various shiny accessories, fantastic lovely, jelly color, bright and beautiful, sprouting girl's heart, elasticity is very good.

It is very easy to slip when you squeeze your palm hard. The more you want to grasp it, the more you can't grasp it. The more you squeeze it, the more interactive it is. Special decompression is a kind of artifact that can make people laugh. Here, to unlock a new way to play, enhance the feelings between friends while releasing pressure in a relaxed atmosphere, call some small partners to sit together - drums and water snakes, and can only stand up to grasp, can not grasp the show cluck, haha, must be very fun and exciting, everyone try it quickly, play it up!

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