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by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-19
Common toy safety problems: First, some toys of certain shape and size such as small balls and hair ball etc., the disassemble small parts and other parts falling apart due to improper use of toys, if the volume and size is too small, it is easy to be swallowed or inhaled by children. Second, some toys with sharp edges or sharp points are easy to cut, scratch or stab the child. Third, the rope or thread on the toys or packaging may cause the winding or bridle children. Such as the hanging toys on the children crib or playpen, crib fitness toys, the ropes and elastic string on the toys suitable for children under 18 months of age, the line of the flying toys and line of the toys bags, etc. Fourth, uninflated balls or broken balls maybe lead to a choking hazard for children under 8 years old, need adults supervision. Fifth, water fun toys should be used under adult supervision in the shallow water. Sixth, the children lack the proper guidance of adults when riding children bicycles and don't know how to safe use the brake system. How to choose the right toy: First, check the toys safety signs, warnings and other safety information on the toy packaging. Second, the toy suitable for elder children is not safe for the younger children to play. Third, to select toys for children under the age of 3 should be in particular cautious. Do not buy toys with small parts easy to swallow or inhale. Fourth, ensure that the soft rattle bells, pinch squeeze toys, teething toys cannot be fully inserted into the child's mouth even in the most compressed state. Fifth, no matter how old the child, if they still have the habit of gnawing objects. We must ensure that the size of the toys or toy parts large enough, and will not be swallowed by children, plugged the mouth or throat. Sixth, Check stuffed animals and dolls, whether the stitching is solid and strong, sure that eyes, noses, buttons, ribbon or other decorations are well fixed and cannot be dragged or bit off. Seventh, only children over the age of eight are allowed to play electric toys with heating elements, and they play with these toys under the supervision of adults. Eighth, Determine children's use of the arrow and dart blunt at the top, such as apply rubber or soft plastic suction cup, plug, or other forms of protection. Ninth, look for words like 'machine washable or surface washable' on stuffed animals and cloth toys, and the safety certification. Tenth, do not let children take the toy package to play. Eleventh, check carefully the toy materials, whether the fabric is clean and pollution-free.
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