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by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-24
Now, the first thing that pops up into your head is that 'this MUST be a scam! there's 50,000 other get-paid-to sites out there!'. Well, let me tell you this: I've been paid $135 already, and next week I'm going to be mailed 2 $25 Wal-Mart gift cards. And if you don't believe me, go onto their forums here and you will see hundreds of pictures of payment proofs every day! So, my point? Squishy Cash is a reliable, dependable website. And I'm here to prove it to you. Let's get started. First off, you need to see what the website is like. Go sign up for Squishy Cash using this link. I would suggest using an email address different form your main one (I'll explain why later). Now, confirm your email and you'll be greeted with a heck of a lot of offers. Don't be overwhelmed, though, the more offers = the more money you get! Stop here. Don't complete any offers yet, because you have no idea what Squishy Cash is like yet! Trust me, there is a lot more than just taking surveys on this site. Take some time to get familiar with Squishy Cash. For example, get used to asking for help in the 'squishy squawk' (chat box on the right side) and be comfortable with posting in the forum. Most of all, ask the Squishy Cash community and make some friends! After you know Squishy Cash from the inside out, you can start trying your first offer. My suggestion would be to go into the 'free offers' section because it doesn't cost you any money, and it doesn't take much time to complete those offers. Now, here's some special tips from my personal experience: * do not use fake information. You won't earn a penny. If you don't want any spam mail in your email inbox, create a separate email address devoted to Squishy Cash. For example, my email is a @yahoo.com email address. Now, since I don't want a million spam mails every day, I'll create a @gmail.com email address devoted just for Squishy Cash. Don't worry, if you accidentally signed up for Squishy Cash using your main email address, you can always change it in your account settings. * look for special promotions/contests. In your Squishy Cash 'inbox' (very right spot on the toolbar), you'll be receiving some messages that tell you about special promotions and contests. For example, today is a 'earn $1, get $1 instantly added to your account' promotion. There is a lot of these, and I suggest you take advantage of them. * find the offers that credit instantly, and complete those. Most offers will start with a company name (for example: 'ORC: Crate & Barrel'. 'ORC' is the company name, and 'Crate & Barrel' is the offer name. When you find an offer that credits instantly (when you click on the green check-mark it instantly credits that offer instead of adding it to the 'pending list'), look for all the other offers by the same company. Those are just a few of my tips for using Squishy Cash. The main thing is to have fun and be efficient at completing offers at the same time. Squishy Cash has an excellent and detailed FAQ, so be sure to check that out. Their FAQ is really outstanding, but if you somehow have any specific questions, feel free to ask me (by commenting) or email the Squishy Cash administrator (their support team is fantastic). My personal experience with Squishy Cash is really remarkable. I started this site thinking that I could earn around 10 bucks a month, but that expectation was definitely exceeded. Some of my offers didn't credit, but that didn't bother me; I emailed the Squishy Cash support team and showed them some confirmation emails, and they apologized and re-credited my offers! Then I realized that Squishy Cash was completely different than those other fake scam sites out there, and I could really invest my time into this program. Now, I've earned plenty more than enough extra monthly income just by spending half an hour a day completing offers! Of course, during this period I had many ups and downs; one day maybe 25 offers would credit and the next day maybe only 5 offers would credit. But it all paid off, and I can say without the slightest doubt in my mind that Squishy Cash is the best site out there that can earn you money. The key to success is to work hard. You can't expect to get rich by hacking the website or to earn referrals by making proxies (you can expect an email notification a minute later stating that your account is banned permanently). With hard work comes a load of money, and you won't be let down by Squish Cash. Not in this lifetime. Thanks for reading my review, and I hope you'll sign up and have a similar success story as me! Also, be sure to check out the links I've included here: Squishy Cash Sign-Up Link - http://squishycash.com/homepage?ref=bennycooly
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