Some species of pet birds even have specific needs

by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-25
First off, one must decide where will your new bird cage be placed and buy according to the area you have reserved. It is preferred that the area is a fair distance away from any circumventing air drafts coming from windows or other openings. However, one should keep in mind that in order for a pet to become an active part of any family and develop a social relationship, bird cages should be placed in an active part of the home. When you have reserved the right spot for your new bird cage, it is important to choose a cage of the right size and dimensions. When it comes to bird cages, bigger is always better, as long as the bar spacing is appropriate for your bird. While birds like a Finch or a Canary can be placed inside a small cage, other larger birds need more room to walk around with ease and fully extend their wings. One should also remember that food bowl, bird toys and bird perches will take a substantial amount of space inside a cage and this has to be taken into account. The bar spacing of a bird cage is very important for your pet's safety and security. One should look for a small bar spacing in order to prevent the smaller birds such as parakeets to squeeze through or become stuck in between the bars. When it comes to larger birds such as a parrot, bar separation can be wider and preferably have a horizontal orientation to allow birds to climb on the sides of the cage and exercise. When it comes to shape and style, one should try and avoid round, cylindrical bird cages, as studies have shown that these can affect a bird's psychological health. As most birds get most of their exercise flying within a cage from side to side rather than up and down, the length of bird cages is more important than the height. If you're considering placing bird toys then one should try and find a cage which complements the activity resulting from the use of this toy. If your new bird cage is to become a prominent part of your home decor, you should get the best quality cage you can find. It needs to be sturdy and solid, and have no loose parts or cutting edges. Stainless steel is often the preferred material as it is non-toxic and would pose no threat to the bird's health. It is also easy to clean and will not chip away. As a bird cage's primary function is to protect its host, one should avoid features such as fancy scroll work or designs which could increase the risk of a bird's head, wings or feet to be caught in. A well-built bird cage gives bird and owner many years of use and enjoyment. One must remember that just like us, a bird will appreciate a nice living environment, given it will spend most of its time in the same location.
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