So, what's that thing called a cervical disk or

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The thoracic spine is your higher back, and it extends from T1 (thoracic one) to T12 (thoracic twelve). Your lumbar spine extends from L1 (lumbar one) to L5 (lumbar five). The end of your backbone is where your sacrum is. The sacrum consists of five fused bones into one massive bone. The disks are located between each bone of your cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The disk divides the bones of your spine (the skeletal structures). During your waking hours the disks leak water, due to gravity effects. When you sit you are adding weight to the backbone and the disk and water comes out. The water is revived into the disk, when lying down, etc, but it is revived at a slower pace. When somebody starts aging, the fat and water within the discs go from thick to thin, and this can cause degenerative disc illness. The loss of liquid from your backbone is a leading reason for back trouble, particularly at the lumbar area. The annulus fibrosus makes up the marginal portion of the disk structure. The inner area of the disk is protected by the nucleus pulposos. The pulp makes up the heart of the disk, which is polished and soft. The disks make up the first supporting force that regulates the spinal column, muscles, bones, and so on. The annulus fibrosus is made of cartilage and collagen (connective tissue). A disc tear takes place when there's an interruption of the annulus fibrosus and the disk starts leaking. This liquid can irritate the encompassing ordinary tissue around the disk. At times the connective tissue, lead to aberrant thickening, creating scars. A thin layer of scar tissue at the periphery of the tear may seal the leak of liquid but leave the disc subject to re-tearing. An annular tear is more frequently than not due to an injury that increased the intradiscal pressure noticeably. Will spinal decompression help in the case of a disk tear? Spinal decompression appears to be better in treating cases of lumbar herniated discs, than on cases of disc tear.
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