Promotional Brain Stress balls are one of the

by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-27
Brain stress toys can be any size, but the most popular of the average size is about 70mm in length with a width at 45mm. This amount is just about perfect for the average hand to squeeze the stress-relieving purposes of promotional items. Printing area is quite large at around 40mm wide and 25mm high, the actual amount of information can fit on each side of the brain and also on the top, if necessary. Since the brain stress toy shaped structure is different to represent the real brains are the best stress relievers transfer printed. With the transfer printing method is applied by hand rests on a textured surface and produces very good print effect. If these were screen printed there would be a great danger, good print quality is not achieved mat is used for each color printing machine. Grooves of the brain is likely to become distorted print. Unfortunately, many suppliers of stress ball is still only offer pad printing. Brain stress toy is an additional bonus to be produced in any color. While not a white standard of the human brain is the most frequently used form of the brain to produce promotional stress balls are the flexibility must come from its corporate color. They actually look very effective when made in any color so if you want your brain to release stress relievers and then it would certainly be useful, they have set up your own corporate color or indeed even any vibrant color to your brand noticed. I always recommend asking for samples, so you can see first hand, the stress balls are buying quality. There are some very good form of brain stress relievers out there, but small plants are still trying to cut costs and sell substandard products.
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