my kids thought i looked like batman and it excited my husband, but did it help my skin...? clover stroud tests the new black diamond face mask celebrities can\'t stop posing in

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-25
Lying in bed, I can hear my youngest daughter, six-year-old Ivan Jelin, explaining to her younger brother, five-year-old Dash, and three-year-old Lester, how did she find me when she burst out a while ago.
\"You can\'t go in.
I think mom will wear clothes. up party.
Her face was shiny black, just like she was wearing a mask. ’‘Like Batman?
Asked Dash excitedly.
Yes, that\'s it.
She looks like when you have to dress up as a superhero at school.
\"If my face doesn\'t feel so tight and barely move, because of the effect of the mask she describes working on my knitted skin, I might even giggle.
In fact, I just stretched out and enjoyed the peace of mind for five minutes.
After all, how many times does your beauty treatment look so strange and extreme that it will scare your child?
The children make sense.
I look weird.
A bit sinister.
The Tianxian Black Diamond lifting and tightening mask created by 111 Skin is the latest and most daring mask.
It was recently made famous by Siena Miller after her production
The Up artist posted her picture on Instagram.
With faded pink T-
Sienna\'s shirts and shades make the mask look very sexy.
But this is not the first time a celebrity has been snapped up wearing a black diamond mask.
Earlier this summer, Victoria Beckham posted a photo of herself on 111 skin\'s eye mask, with her hair scraped back and ready for makeup.
The eye mask is more dramatic than the whole-
It looks like two huge twisted shiny black tears under her eyes.
She showed up on the 111 Skin Instagram feed again a few days later, this time at full-Face Black Mask
Rosie Huntington-Kim Kardashian
White and Margo Robbie are fans too.
Diamond particles in Black (
Yes, from real black diamonds)
In the mask, active ingredients obviously help penetrate the skin more quickly and deeply.
The formula contains a small amount of vitamin A (vitamin A)
This helps to reshape the skin without stimulating it, as well as other vitamins that improve discoloration, as well as effective peptide complexes that fight fine lines --
The mask is especially good for wrinkles around the eyes.
It was developed by Dr. Yannis alexander rides, plastic surgeon at Harley Street, but all his masks were apparently designed with the selfie generation in mind.
Celebrity mask selfie becomes the current self-worshiplove.
It would be even better if you could post a striking photo of yourself in the glitter black mask, but dress it up with the label selfcarerevolution while reminding your followers to love you yourself
Suggesting that the celestial mask was developed to create a buzz on social media, it would be cynical because the science behind it is not a children\'s game.
Dr. Alexandra claims that all of his 111 skin masks use state-of-the-art techniques, namely gel, a temperature-sensitive material that can enrich the skin and improve the condition of the skin.
This mask also combines creatures.
Cellulose is a state-of-the-art technology in South Korea that has a moisturizing function that allows the skin to breathe. There\'s air inside.
Microscope cones are also blown with hyaluronic acid of 95 and vitamin C of 5.
These puncture skins are at 0.
3mm guarantee full absorption.
All of this sounds smart, but how does the mask measure in real life?
Lying beside my husband\'s bed, I tried again.
He was so preoccupied with news night that he didn\'t even notice the scary sexy mask.
He looked shocked and excited when he turned to face me.
It is clear that this night will become more interesting.
However, he was disappointed that, despite the consistency of the rubber, it was purely as a cosmetic treatment, not as a marriage aid.
Achieve the Insta of Siena Miller-
The perfect face is harder than it looks because I don\'t have a personal makeup
Let the artist handle it.
The first time I used it, my face was full of black jelly and there was a noticeable Air bump underneath.
Next time, I was more proficient, tilted my head back and patted it down.
The price of this mask is 20, the price of the neck and neck is 20, so it is not cheap, but it is cheaper than the face of the salon.
After I took it down, my skin felt tighter.
Having said that, I am the mother of five children, so simply lying down for 20 minutes is a relaxing and novel experience in itself.
Is there any long-
The lasting impact is questionable.
Like most masks, it\'s a fun and accessible luxury, but this extraordinary once my kids scream at me again
Sadly, it looks like the effect of the product is quickly gone.
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