let ttc subway workers use face masks over air quality concerns, transit unions say

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-17
The Toronto public transport union, after rejecting the recent TTC report on the air quality of the Metro, asked to allow their workers to use masks.
At a news conference on Wednesday, the union called on TTC to do more research on a fine particulate matter called PM2.
5. Create parameters to reduce exposure to all known contaminants and allow the use of masks before the permanent solution is in place.
The transport union said TTC did not address the cumulative impact of these contaminants or the high level of pm2. 5. 5.
The researchers will pm2
5 to the metal \"track dust\" generated when the train wheels rub the track \".
\"If we have any reason to believe that these conditions pose a risk to employees, they will be resolved,\" said TTC spokesman Stuart Green . \".
TTC said that it is most important to treat the health and safety of employees. This research and analysis has been carried out for more than a year, and the employees of the health committee have also been involved.
The transit trade union combines the local 113 transit trade union and the local public employees Trade Union of Canada, representing more than 12,750 transit workers and electricians.
The move came after the 2019 TTC Metro air quality report was released on July 10.
The report found that the level of pollutants in the subway system was within the exposure range.
In 2017, a Health Canada study of TTC air quality showed that the Toronto Metro system had the worst air quality, the highest particulate matter content, and other major transport systems in Canada
It is equivalent to the smog in Beijing.
The union noted that TTC\'s website recognized the dangers of PM2. 5.
\"The lungs breathe in particles,\" the website said . \"
\"According to the World Health Organization, the health impact of inhaled contaminants can exacerbate asthma and stimulate the eyes, nose and throat. PM 2.
5 may be related to increased risk of heart and respiratory diseases, lung cancer and reduced lung function the star previously reported that the concentration measured on the TTC metro system was almost three times the concentration found on the Montreal Metro, five times higher than the Vancouver light rail.
Green said the Toronto Public Health Company is evaluating work with Health Canada, which will make its own decision on public contact.
In the TTC report, Health Canada said there were no directly comparable pm2. 5 standards in public health.
The subway has 5 floors because it is the standard for outdoor activities.
Green said the study has determined that air quality is within the occupational range, so no masks are required for employees outside tunnel maintenance.
\"TTC said that due to exposure to air pollutants, workers in only one specific department need to wear a respirator,\" the union\'s letter said . \".
\"What about hundreds of other workers who want to reduce air pollution in the subway?
Why not wear a simple mask?
Mask is the easiest way to limit exposure.
\"The TTCs report released on July said that according to the results of 5,697 air samples
Maintenance post.
The 2017 report was conducted in the weeks between 2010 and 2013.
The researchers used portable air sampling instruments to measure the air quality on the train platforms and interiors of the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver rail systems.
At that time, the author suggested that the transport system should improve ventilation and interior in order to reduce exposure
The car filter system, and regular track dust cleaning.
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