in mlb’s age of velocity, catchers are increasingly feeling the heat

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-22
The Cincinnati Red Team\'s Tucker Barnhart glanced at the TV display as he described the growing risk of catching hands, showing the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians on the screen
In a minute, Barnhart twice saw the mask of Boston catcher Christian basks punched.
\"It\'s crazy, I\'m talking about the timing,\" said Barnhart, Gold Glove champion in 2017.
\"I was lucky to have not experienced anything crazy.
Headache everywhere, nothing bad. … Mask-
I left comfortably.
This may not be the wisest decision.
\"In this era of speed and launch angle, major league catchers are forced to change their perception of location, the equipment they wear and how they accept baseball.
This position has always been risky over the past few years and has proven to be more dangerous, most of which are linked to an increase in pitch speed.
With the pitcher throwing harder than ever before, there are more foul tips because the batsman has less time to connect with baseball.
In turn, the catcher is moving slowly near the plate to reduce the likelihood of foul tips hitting them.
Doing so makes them more and more vulnerable to setbacks.
Both foul and backswing have an impact.
A recent study found that,
Rare field collision
Perhaps the result of the adoption of the 2014 rule, which is designed to prevent collisions of household tablets
Being bowled and fouled during a career is the most common cause of concussion.
But a lot of things happened to the catcher.
Headache, bleeding, bruises
No reports were reported.
Many times, like basks, they stayed in the game after the mask was hit.
They are proud of their durability and tenacity.
They want to stay on the court. At what cost?
\"It\'s bigger than baseball.
\"This is your life,\" said Tony Walters, a Colorado Rockies catcher . \".
\"Sometimes you get hit and you say, \'Wow.
Safety must be a priority for the catcher.
This is your livelihood.
This is how you will spend the rest of your life.
Plastic surgeons dataVani Sabesan and her team at the Cleveland Clinic are trying to answer a mystery: While runners are almost always slippery at home, why are there so many more catcher injuries?
But Sabesan found that there was very little information about the injury of the catcher.
\"We can do a better job of protecting players and keeping track of injuries,\" Sabesan said . \".
The Atlanta Warriors pick-up coach, Sal fazano, believes it will be more rigorous, sensitive and conscious.
He said it is the responsibility of coaches and coaches to include the catcher on the injury list.
Read the catcher injury report and see the catcher injury-
The former skilled catcher felt uneasy.
\"You are holding your heart,\" fabano said . \".
\"If they say \'I am a little foggy,\' we will tell them to talk to the coach right away.
We must be more sensitive to it.
Players must be honest with it.
Kiran Chatha, a researcher at Sabesan, said that with the sparse data, there is still a long time to observe
Long term effects increase foul tips and backswing may have.
There is no evidence that the catcher has the same problem associated with football --
Many players suffer from early dementia, depression, confusion, suicidal tendencies, and other diseases.
The era of speed has only recently begun, and we do not yet know the impact of large scale.
But Chatha said many foul tips about the head in particular were not reported.
It\'s also \"very surprising how many catcher have suffered a long term concussion
Long-term impact, including [
Chronic traumatic brain disease,” she said.
More research into masks at the moment may reduce concussion, Sabesan said.
\"The better thing is: more protective gear,\" she said . \".
\"That\'s what we want, including at the youth level.
\"For many major league hunters who admit that no mask is a concussion, better protection is also the point --proof.
They are looking for masks that maintain visibility without sacrificing comfort and safety. Two-
A helmet used by the two.
The third person in the big league catcher, don\'t cover all the parts of the head.
Although they have set the rules for better self-development
Be careful, many catcher believe no onesize-fits-
All methods of security.
\"It\'s all luck,\" said Kurt Suzuki, a national . \".
\"Hope you won\'t be hit.
\"Fellow citizens, in order to avoid being hit in the backstroke, Yan Gomez, who held his waist, bowed his head.
But that\'s not guaranteed.
\"I haven\'t solved the mystery of being hit yet,\" he said . \".
Change time after a concussion in 2017, 7-year-old catcher Brian Macontime all-star and six-
At the time, the silver medalist of the Houston astronauts texted friends, \"That\'s enough, and I don\'t want to do that anymore.
\"He needs a new, better helmet, and many catcher think the answer can solve some of the problems they face behind the plate.
Suzuki has an effect on most parts of his body, including his head.
Forehead, sides, top, nose and chin.
Before the game, he will check which batsmen have a long back swing.
They had more people, so he squatted further away from the plate and gave himself enough space.
When the mask was punched a few years ago
\"It gives me a very good impression,\" he said . \"
He also needs to make changes.
He received a text message from Warrior catcher Taylor froules, a member of a new company called fore3 Pro Gear.
The idea of the forc3 mask of \"S3 shock suspension\" belongs to Jason Klein, the former minor league referee.
Flowers shipped a Force3 mask to Suzuki, and Klein said that more than 30 big league catchers are now wearing the Force3 defender mask, which uses spring-
Buffer, vibration-
Absorption system that reduces the impact force.
Maybe masks like this can reduce the risk behind the plate, they say.
Walters suffered several concussions.
Almost every month, he tells the club manager to give him a new mask.
Wearing a new helmet makes him feel safer.
He also raised his neck strength and he sat lower or stood on one knee to reduce the number of fouls that hit the mask.
He remembered to catch his breath when he received baseball.
This eased tensions when he was hit.
Klein and Hua said the chin was hit \"like knocking your teeth off.
\"The Chin is probably the worst: the flower is hit too hard on the chin and he can\'t eat meat for a week.
They are all catchers who reach out their gloves as much as possible.
This is one of several adjustments the catcher is doing.
The idea is to grab or transfer the ball before it reaches the mask.
Still, the New York Yankees Nicergoline Capsules higashigang replaced the mask once a month or when the bar was bent.
He said he was hit by a foul every game.
But even if he constantly changes the mask, he says there is no way to judge the damage that has been done.
\"I don\'t think I \'ve ever had a concussion,\" Higashioka said . \".
\"I don\'t know.
Then he knocked on the wooden cabinet behind him.
Read more: the Little League that died in a skateboard accident remembers being the \"best teammate\" pirate Francisco Cervelli said, he never thought that stopping to hit the ball because of MLB\'s concussion was far from the point of science baseball.
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