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by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-28
Promotional stress balls are made of liquid polyurethane. Manufacturer with the mold desired shape and the liquid polyurethane is poured into forms until it dries. You no doubt have seen the at least several hundred forms of stress ball is already advertising. Same technology can be used to produce stress in the form of a toy of your choice. If you would like to advertise their new products to corporate stress balls, you must first accept the there pictures from different angles. Then you decide what size you want, stress ball be. Of course, if your new product is the size of a car, you will need to create smaller size proportion that it can be regarded as someone's hand. If you specialize in promotional gifts supplier Stress balls, they should be able to help you do. Your pictures and size information then be passed to the factory to produce molds. You want to keep your stress ball order form must be between 65mm and 80mm of its largest side. Usually As far as 70mm diameter stress ball perfectly in the average human hand so that you do not want stress toy to be much higher or lower than. Bespoke stress balls can be made with your choice of color. Because they are made with PU liquid, you will want to choose one of the basic colors. Any other color will be sprayed on balls, when they were done. It is important to find a supplier who is very familiar with Manufacture of products of stress, because they will be better prepared to ensure that the final product is produced in color and sprayed to perfection. If your product is going to perform a new logo, then your stress ball has too much. Ultimately, the key reason to create a new form of stress is to promote not only the product but the company produce it. Ask you a promotional gift supplier to ensure that the required logo and data transfer print to stress balls, and not pad printed. Transfer printing is a much better quality. If you are going to have a custom-made ball stress account for part of the logo really looks! As the cost of your order to stress the products should not cost much more than the standard stress ball. You will need to buy a new tool to help you back from 100 to 250, depending on shape complexity. It is also worth noting that there is a minimum quantity order of 1000 Things custom stress ball. If you would like more information about custom stress balls and how they can be in form a new product, please contact your supplier of promotional gifts. They should be more than happy to to help you.
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