If you are looking for a way to make sex last

by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-15
I tried the distraction method for which you are supposed to think about anything that doesn't arouse you. To be honest though I found it hard to think about my mother in law while my wife was naked beside me. Then there is the method where you are supposed to masturbate a few minutes before intercourse but all that did was remove the will to have sex because I had already ejaculated. Another way to make sex last longer naturally that I tried was the squeeze technique. This is where you withdraw your penis and squeeze the tip of it when ejaculation is close. All this did was leave me with sticky hands. At last though I found a method to make sex last longer naturally and it's so simple. Put her pleasure first, that's it. What this does is make you think differently about sex, instead of getting all worked up and over excited thinking about yourself you can now relax and pleasure her first. There is now no pressure because you can use your fingers or her favourite 'toy' or whatever you want as long as she is getting the pleasure. Then when she has reached orgasm you can enter her without any worries about lasting, chances are you will now last long enough to give her another orgasm.
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