Good heavens, still clueless on what Moshi Monsters

by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-04
Moshi Monsters started out in 2008 as a social networking online game and virtual pet website. Majority of players are aged 7 to 12 years old. Gameplay revolves around adopting and caring for a pet monster. Players try to solve puzzles which will reward them with rox, the game's currency. Rox can be used to buy items in the game such as clothes and food for the adopted monster, as well as other decorative items. Any item can also be sold to earn rox. A year after its release, membership soared to 10 million registered players. As of June 2011, membership was at 50 million and still growing. This year saw the expansion of Moshi Monsters products which now includes Moshi Monsters Talking Plush toys, books, trading cards and a children's magazine. Meet the Moshi Monsters! There are six types of Moshi Monsters Talking Plush toys to choose from for adoption. 1. Katsumas - these creatures look like rabbits, but have cat-like personalities. These are the most adopted type of monster in the game. Katsumas are very sociable creatures, likes well-decorated rooms, and love getting tickled by their owners. They require lots of attention. If left unattended or bored, Katsumas turn grumpy, scratches the screen, and may throw tantrums. Katsumas speak the Katsumanese language. 2. Diavlos - most of these demon-like creatures are adopted by boys. Though mischievous, Diavlos are one of the most active and friendliest creatures in the game. However, a mistreated Diavlo can become quite its namesake, angry and fiery. Diavlos like fiery wallpaper, spicy food, and disco dancing. 3. Furis - these cute hairy creatures are more fur than body. An unusual fellow, it loves to eat slop, likes to show off in different clothes, and has an unexplainable attraction to Poppets. Furis can be picky in their food, as well as the house decor. Most of the time it will demand for new house decor and will growl and moan until its wish is granted. Furis speak a language called Furglish. 4. Poppet - these adorable creatures are a hit with girls. Known to be sassy and sweet, Poppets like to dance. Poppets may be loyal and playful creatures but when mistreated, it can go into a tantrum and scream loudly. This can be explained by their emotional nature. Poppets speak Poppetanium. 5. Luvlis - these flying creatures look like cherries and are most likely to be adopted by girls. Luvlis are interested in fashion and beautiful things. Luvlis love attention and are quite bossy at times. Also, Luvlis like to go shopping with their owners and love having nice and classy home decors. Luvlis speak a language called Luvling. 6. Zommers - these ghoulish-looking creatures are the least adopted monsters in the game. Zommers are quite hard to care for since they have low health and needs to be fed everyday. However, well-cared for Zommers are friendly and usually like to play air guitar. Zommers speak Zommeranian. You can squeeze the tummy of your Moshi Monsters Talking Plush toy to hear them giggle, laugh, or talk. Each monster comes with an Adoption Certificate. In addition, a secret code is also provided for an in-game reward item. Moshi Monsters Talking Plush toy is recommended for kids 4 years old and above.
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