going, going, gone! korean beauty brand\'s complexion-perfecting face masks sell out in hours as skincare lovers go wild for products\' promises of \'radiant, baby soft glass skin\'

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-18
A Korean beauty brand has launched two new facial masks to make skin care lovers crazy. These two masks promise to give users the perfect facial mask --
Glass skin of Rifampicin for Eye Use
So much so that the product sold out in a few hours, leaving hundreds of people clamoring to join the waiting list for the next purchase.
Peach and Lily, K-
The beauty brand, founded by South Korea\'s Harvard alumni yoyoyoon, launched two new products earlier this month, overnight star sleep mask and pore-proof perfect clay mask, promises that these products will help people achieve \"radioactive\" and \"baby soft skin \".
However, the brand\'s reaction to the press conference was shocked, which caused a frenzy among beauty fans who eagerly snapped up every available mask for $43 each, A few hours later.
Those who do not have access to popular new products are forced to sign up for the waiting list, which is gathering more and more people every day --
There is no doubt that many of them are eager to try the incredible claims of masks for themselves.
Users of the hole-proof mask have already praised this formula, which contains bentonite and white soil that can detoxify the skin, as well as wild cherry and strawberry extractsinflammation. \'Amazing!
A person speaks of this product before admitting that they usually \"hate clay masks\" and is therefore pleasantly surprised by the products of peaches and lilies.
\"I can\'t say that anymore after using this last night,\" they wrote . \".
Too strong, but gentle!
After that, my skin felt very good.
Shea butter is a perfect addition to Clay!
Then I used the new night mask.
I was in full swing this morning.
I recommend this product to anyone who is willing to listen.
As for the overnight sleep mask, the comments are also very positive.
One person who bought the product said that in the morning their \"face is shining\" while praising the \"texture and smell\" of the mask and describing it as \"amazing product \".
The mask contains acai berry extracts that help to \"tighten and brighten the skin\", as well as black ginseng extracts that restore the skin tone, as well as jojoba, squalane for moisturizing and balancing the skin fat, which in turn prevents outbreaks.
This is not the first time peach and Lily have experienced this excitement about product release; when the K-
The beauty brand has released its glass skin refining Essence. In the face of similar frenzy, people desperate to achieve celebrities-
Like the appearance of \"glass skin. The K-
Popular beauty trends such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé in the United States refer to a clear and bright complexion that looks almost translucent
Like glass.
Alicia, founder of Peach & Lily, believes that the success of these latest products lies in meeting customers\' needs for formulas that help them solve specific problems.
We think there are several reasons why these products are selling so fast, she explained.
\"We have a very loyal group of consumers who already love the line, so there is a lot of pent-up demand and excitement for the new products we launch.
In addition, we have introduced very specific solutions to meet the skin care issues that our community wants to address through the rich conversations that our skin therapist counseling services have with them.
So what we\'re launching really addresses the needs of our community.
Another week-long pop-
We had to celebrate the launch, and before the product was really launched, we integrated our community into a skincare workshop in a installable space, which created a lot of awareness and excitement for new products.
Two of our three products were sold out within a few hours of release.
In fact, we received DMs yesterday and our website crashed temporarily because of such a high shopping activity.
Masks are not the only source of sales.
The brand was successful this month;
Two more skins-
Perfect product, the brand has also launched a new eye-keeping product-cold-brewed eye-keeping stick ($28)
Sold out on Ulta toocom.
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