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by:Changqing Toys     2020-06-01
Certain elements of you mind especially those associated with your emotional balance can certainly affect sexual performance but this does not mean that PE is a completely psychological problem. Surprisingly, there are can be many reasons for the problem including hypersensitivity on penis head, long sexual inactivity, embarrassing childhood experiences, stress, anxiety and more. High sensitivity of penis nerves is the most common reason for the problem and in many cases; it can be dealt with using a mild aesthetic-based product. Stud 100 can be one of the options that you can use just before sex to last longer. Even several healthy men utilize it too. Several people claim that using marijuana, alcohol or cocaine can delay orgasm to some minutes, reality is not so straightforward. Agreeably, in some cases such things can show some promise but at the same time, these substances have some serious side effects on sexual functions of the body. As a matter of fact, excessive drinking has been associated with erectile dysfunction too. As for marijuana and cocaine, you can find a number of studies telling how they affect both body and mind. Obviously only you and your sexual partners would know about the problem (unless you partner is leaking out the information), it still cannot be called a bedroom problem. PE affects several parts of your life including confidence and the way you socialize with the other gender. The personality changes might seem to be petty initially but they can soon add up to define who you actually are. Several men avoid premature ejaculation treatment thinking that they just don't need it; the problem somehow affects the psychological condition too. Men who have better control on ejaculation are more open and outgoing with women. You cannot really expect a cheap product from sex-toy shop to help in premature ejaculation. Other than that, the results from different treatment methods are difficult to compare scientifically. In general terms too, two products in the same category do not offer same results and if you choose to go with some cheap product then results can be drastic. For instance, a desensitizing spray like Stud 100 uses Lidocaine Base which is a mild aesthetic while other gels or creams can also numb the entire penis head for several minutes. While it is true that masturbation can help with penis strengthening and premature ejaculation, it is equally true that poor techniques leads to more uncalled problems. Quick masturbation and banging against hard surfaces make penis vulnerable to deterioration. Even after going through the reasons for the problem, if you still believe that only age can affect your sexual performance then it is time to dig deep in. Premature ejaculation affect the younger population equally and if you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle with lots of stress and frustration then the chances of getting affected will increase several times.
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