face off: realistic masks made in japan find demand from tech, car companies

by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-05
Japan Dajin: Super
Real-world masks produced by a small company in rural Japan are demanded by the domestic technology and entertainment industry and countries far away from Saudi Arabia.
300,000 yen (RM11,149)
By five employees in REAL-
F Co, trying to accurately copy a person\'s face into fine lines and skin textures.
Beichuan Osamu, founder of the company, came up with the idea while working for a printing machine manufacturer.
But it took him two years to find three experiments.
Get size face data from high quality photos to make masks and start selling in 2011.
Headquartered in the west of Shiga county, the company receives approximately 100 orders annually from entertainment, automotive, technology and safety companies (mainly in Japan.
For example, a Japanese car company ordered a mask for a sleeping face to improve facial recognition technology to detect whether the driver dozed off, Beichuan said.
\"I am proud that my product will contribute to the further development of facial recognition technology,\" he added . \".
\"I want developers to be able to use these real masks to improve the accuracy of face recognition.
Beichuan, 60, said he also received orders from organizations linked to the Saudi government to make masks for kings and princes.
\"I was told that these masks were meant to show portraits in public areas,\" he said . \".
Beichuan said he worked closely with customers to ensure that his products were not used for illegal purposes and did not pose security risks, but added that he could not rule out the threat.
He says his goal is to make 100% real masks, and he hopes to use softer materials such as silicon in the future.
\"I want these masks to be used for medical purposes and it is possible once they can be made in soft materials,\" he said . \".
\"With the development of humanoid robots, I hope this will help developers create (
More real robotsat a low cost.
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