face masks sold out at many places in pasir gudang

by:Changqing Toys     2020-05-04
Johor Baru: the chemical contamination of Pasir Gudang resulted in the purchase of masks in large quantities and the stock of many stores was exhausted.
Except for N95 (respirator)
The demand for masks and ordinary masks is also very large.
Many stores in the region have been in short supply since Tuesday.
An inspection at the five stores in Pasir Gudang showed that the shelves were empty.
According to the workers, since \"even the suppliers are not in stock\", they are not sure when the new order will arrive.
They advise the public to look for masks in other areas such as Johor Baru.
Dr chewan Aminuddin Hashim, consultant general and respiratory physician at KPJ Pasir Gudang, said the recommended mask is a N95 variety suitable to prevent environmental pollution.
\"There are several types of masks to choose from.
We are using surgical masks in the medical field, which can provide better infection protection for the wearer.
\"There are various types of N95 on the market, which are usually used by people who deal with gas or pollution,\" he said yesterday at the KPJ Pasir Gudang specialist hospital.
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