diane kruger and norman reedus stick tongues out in sweet mirror selfie as they wear face masks together

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-21
Diane Kruger and Norman reduz have similar tastes in beauty.
On Tuesday, the celebrity hot couple made their debut in an Instagram mirror selfie, holding out their tongue to the camera while wearing a mask.
50-year-old Norman became famous in AMC\'s zombie apocalypse show Walking Dead, and he titled the snapshot with a heart-shaped expression.
In addition to applying the mask substance to his skin tone, Norman drew a small cross on his throat.
Diane and Norman, who have not yet made public their daughter\'s name, welcomed her to the world in last November.
Diane, who appeared on the scene with Kelly and Ryan in July, said the little girl was too big and has been \"teething\" lately \".
The couple have been together since they were at least 2016 years old.
2015 Franco starring Lena Dunham-German English-
The language of the movie sky.
Diane started her career as a model in Paris, and from 2001 to 2006 she married French film star Guillaume Carne and is now Marion Cotila\'s boyfriend.
She then dated Joshua Jackson for ten years, and in 2017 she told people that it had been a long time since they broke up publicly in 2016.
Meanwhile, from 1998 to 2003, Norman was with Victoria\'s Secret model Helena Cristina, who had a teenage son named minggos.
Since the release of walking dead in 2010, Norman has been starring zombie hunter Daryl Dixon and will be released in the upcoming 10th season this year.
Diane\'s upcoming films include spy thriller 355
Starring Jessica Chastan and Sebastian Stein and John Kennedy.
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