building a better mask

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-19
A designed-in-
The Toronto mask was born during the 2003 SARS crisis and received attention from the government and the health sector.
As concerns about the swine flu epidemic continue to intensify, medical institutions around the world are also increasing. Toronto-
The technology company based in FaceSeal is already working with Mexican officials and is working for its next
A generation of masks from Israel, Germany, South Korea and the Philippines.
Hospitals, medical staff and other front lines
First-line medical services in Canada and the United StatesS.
Also interested in mask.
\"We are trying to increase production as soon as possible because we have received so much demand,\" he said . \"
Common Gabo Lantos
The inventor of the mask and the director of personal protective equipment development of the facial technology company. The form-
Fit the mask, technically called a respirator, known as FitSeal, can be attached to the face without a elastic band, completely sealing the nose and mouth.
FitSeal aims to better protect the front, says Lantos
First-line staff of air-borne infectious diseases, including influenza.
Masks currently used to prevent infectious diseases are secured with elastic bands and are sealed around the nose using metal clips, Lantos said.
The N95 breathing apparatus, he said, is easy to fall off, which makes air under the mask.
\"Anyone wearing a dress will tell you that it\'s hard for them to breathe, it\'s hard to wear for a long time, it\'s hard to communicate with a dress,\" Lantos said . \".
Another problem with the current mask, he said, is that the wearer has to find the right brand, model and size in order to install it properly and create a protective seal.
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