all the cool face masks the nfl doesn\'t want you to see

by:Changqing Toys     2020-04-30
Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports reports the NFL has decided to give up using personalized masks, just like the masks that Indianapolis pony defender Robert Mathis plans to use.
Some players intend to switch to a more protective \"grill\" face mask, which makes it harder for the opposing player to grab and side the wrench head.
NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told The Associated Press in a statement that custom masks are banned unless players wear non-
Standard mask. its official….
The league says I can\'t wear my face.
I will go back to my mill grill. —
Robert Masis (@ RobertMathis98)
August 9, 2013, I think I will do this! Lol pic. twitter. com/7gNHH5KmSi—
Robert Masis (@ RobertMathis98)
Return to the project we regularly schedule in August 8, 2013.
BlandBoringAndSTANK LOL Rune grill-
Robert Masis (@ RobertMathis98)
On August 10, 2013, provided by the Washington Redskins, what do you think of @ ddockett wearing the mask of @ CardsFanFest?
Forward if you approve!
AZCardinals @ nfl picture. twitter. com/reLeORYy1Q—
Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals)
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