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A Naughty Ungrasping Toy

A Naughty Ungrasping Toy


Evergreen decompression toy "Ungraspable Water Snake" is a naughty decompression toy, TPR material, smooth surface, comfortable feel, excellent elasticity, flexibility, unbreakable, unable to grasp. The cute design, fresh and interesting characters, and lovely, help players release pressure, add a little fun to the players, and give full play to the interactive performance of toys and users.

The purpose of playing is to laugh, laugh out of the mood will be good, through the evergreen decompression toy "water snake", players can temporarily jump out of the state of tension and anxiety, although temporary, but if through many exercises, it can form the experience and ability to release pressure. However, the "water snake" is only a prop, not too dependent, people with greater psychological pressure can also use abdominal breathing, exercise and other ways to decompress oh.

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